Master Key Week 4

This week I have given 100% doing everything 100% with 100% attention to it. I’m feeling the change within, the mind chatter is almost gone. When it does come I’m able to address it in a positive manner and re-focus the thought on the positive. The I in me is becoming the master. All the things OG said would happen are happening.

My DMP is clear to me know I’m getting closer to the truth for me every day. I keep refining it until only the truth is spoken when I read it.

Week four is half over reading has become habit, chores are habit, and controlling mind chatter is habit. I can only wait to see what new habits are to come.

I watched the movie After Earth this week. In the movie Will Smith character played the part were he was the Master at “Ghosting”, he was the first to be able to control his “Fear” so the blind monster they were fighting would not see him. In the movie he was telling his son about the first time he discovered this ability to ghost. Basically what he said was the fear is NOT REAL stay in the moment. You can not predict what will happen in the next coming second so there for Fear can not be real. Keep your thoughts in the moment.

Not sure who said this. “Fear” False-Evidense-Appearing- Real. When I heard this it put it all into prospective for me.


Clark Brownstein

Master Key Week 3


This Master Key stuff is frustrating me and inspiring me at the same time. All week I have been struggling to keep up with my To DO List with MKMMA. I fell behind and it felt like being in school and falling behind, I wanted to drop it like a course in school.. LOL

I hung in there and got through the frustration and came out the other side intact. I’m catching up and moving forward.

Do It Now Do it Now is the Mantra..

Clark Brownstein



Clark Brownstein

Master Key Week 2

Week two was a Battle. I had a few moments of enlightenment, but mostly it was just more about staying on task for me. I found I was fighting the mind chatter a lot. It’s amazing the conversations that you can have in your head with yourself. I’ve always had a knowing that I can be my own worst critic, but up until last week I never new how insidious my mind could really be. It tried it’s hardest to tell me how dumb I was and that I had no business trying to change things. Thanks to my wife the readings and emails that we get from Mark J and the group, I was able to over come the mind chatter and come out the other side intact…

This week I overcame the mind  chatter, but I know there are many great changes ahead. One change at a time, I will get through this.

Clark Brownstein

Master Key Week 1

WOW! Is that really a way to start a sentence, no not really but its how I feel about what I have experienced this week? It has been both hard and exciting taking on this course. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Just a few things that I experienced this week. I have been reading more this week then I have in the past 5 years. My frontal lobe has been engaged so much that the first part of the week I felt a pressure like it was changing.  At first reading the content felt like going through the motions nothing was really clicking, mid way through the week I understood the content and see were it is taking me.

The first week with the MKMMA program has been a real eye opener for me. I can only imagine what the 2nd week has to offer, I look forward to sharing this with the world.

Clark Brownstein