Master Key Week 12

What a challenging week,

This week felt like a battle all week, I could not concentrate was not able to comprehend what I was reading could not keep the negative mind chatter out. By the end of the week I was looking for any reason to quite, being stubborn with my wife, being a right fighter, procrastinating you name I was all the negative traits that I have been working on removing from my life. I have been battling a health stuff my food choice this last week were horrible, over all a real challenging week for me. I WANTED TO QUIT!!!!

There was one guiding light that I kept saying over and over in my head.

“I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.” Form GSW Book.

If I had not had the habit of reading this month chappter 3 times a day, I would not have had that memorized. When I needed help the most I was able to use the tools I have been given to carry on. This was a tuff week but a new day and a new week is here today I can keep Persisting and forget about the days past.

Thank you to all my fellow MKMMA folks I read a few blogs this week and that also helped me to stay in the game.

I Persist I win

Clark B



Master Key Week 11

Your life is governed by law- by actual , immutable principles that never vary.

It’s amazing how a person perspective about life can change in a few weeks. If I were to have read the above sentence a few weeks back I would have said Hog-Wash and put it away.

All the reading and self discovery over the past eleven weeks has delivered me to this place that I understand and believe the above statement. Now I will learn to live it and now what the results will be and expect them to be that way because I am.

Clark B

Master Key Week 10

Natures Abundance,

Reading this weeks Master Key has really made me aware of abundance in nature. I’m working on a project in the town I live and the project is located on top off a hill. I found myself often looking at the view and being in AHWW of the life and abundance that I was seeing.

Master Key

Job Site Veiw

I would look out and imagine my DMP and see my DMP in the picture of abundance. I was feeding my Seed that I planted 10 weeks ago by noticing the abundance in nature. I was in control of what I let in only seeing positive in life. Last week (week 9)  I wrought about watching seeds grow not knowing about what would be said in week 10 about a seed growing.

Every week I amazed, in the understanding that I have about myself and how that I’m in control of how it all works. I feel free to do what I want to do.

Clark B

Master Key Week 9

The Law of growth,

Have you ever planted a seed in the ground and just left it to grow? Did you not feed it or till the soil even talk to it asking it to grow? If you did nothing then you left it to chance. That helped me to understand the concept of planting an idea (seed) in my mind and then never doing anything to help that Idea to grow or take root.

This past year I have had a personal experience with growing a seed. I was on vacation with my wife in Maui october of 2012 and we purchased some native plants seeds. The instructions to have a successful growth were extensive. We had to make special soil and plant the seeds a certain way. We planted three different type of plants. The watering and care instructions were very specific and it was going to take six months before we would see any sprouting. So we do the work with planting and caring for them and nothing happens. Then on or around the six month Walla one sprouts and few days later another and then few months more another sprouts. We followed the instructions and it happened we now have beautiful Hawaiian plants growing in our bathroom. Every day I go into my bathroom and see these beautiful plants that I nurtured to life and now I’m caring for them to keep growing.

So you see I know and understand what the Law of Growth means. If I want an idea to grow then treat with care, love feed it only positive thoughts and it will grow accordingly. If I want it to do nothing or just not happen then do nothing and that the results will be the same. Nothing!!!!

This was Thanks Giving Week for me. I’m thankful for what I’m learning and partaking in this MKMMA Program.

Clark B.