Master Key Week 11

Your life is governed by law- by actual , immutable principles that never vary.

It’s amazing how a person perspective about life can change in a few weeks. If I were to have read the above sentence a few weeks back I would have said Hog-Wash and put it away.

All the reading and self discovery over the past eleven weeks has delivered me to this place that I understand and believe the above statement. Now I will learn to live it and now what the results will be and expect them to be that way because I am.

Clark B

139 thoughts on “Master Key Week 11

  1. Discovering the laws is a key! Haanel often gives clues that suggest other than what the average reader assumes… [assuming is not one of the keys]. Far too much of what we ‘believe’ and operate in is far from immutable… much close to fable, myth and con.

    • Hi Michael,
      Yes you are right I have been guilty of living my life in the grey area or the shaded lines of life. Most people operate in that space. It’s nice to now that I do not have to hide from the truth anymore, I can go out and discover what ever I want to now with full faith that I will now what to do with it.
      Clark B

  2. Nice to read your post. I am there with you. I have had so many ah ha moments I have stopped counting. Just think the progress you have made in the beginning; where are you going to be in a couple more months.

  3. It is so exciting that you can recognize the changes in yourself. Sometimes I find it so easy to see in others. I feel this class is changing me and I can see some differences. Great to be in the MKMMA with you.

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