Master Key Week 20

Week 20 has not disappointed me in any-way. I feel that I have a real grasp and understanding of what I have been learning and doing for the past 20 weeks.

“It all just jelled this week” I feel that I have to give thanks to my wonderful wife for helping and discussing week 20 with me. She really helps me to understand at a much deeper level.  “Thank you my love”

There are so many things to talk about with week 20 lessons,  I will pick out a few.

20-4 Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result. You are at all times dealing with the magic power of thought and consciousness. What results can you expect so long as you remain oblivious to the power which has been placed within you control?

I had to read this several times before I got it and then I had a uhaa moment. “What am I pretending not to Know”  I know about the “Power” so I can no longer think without the feeling behind it, as I did before and be okay with the mediocre results.

20-14 To become inspired means to get out of the beaten path, out of the rut., because extraordinary results require extraordinary means. 

This meant to me in not so many words to get out of my own way. Today though I can not just say that simple phrase with out a deeper meaning. I want extraordinary results for my life, so getting out of my own way was not enough. I had to go to extraordinary means to make changes in my life in order to get the results I want, an deserve.

“I could not half ass it anymore.”

20-19  Power implies service; inspiration implies power; to understand and supply the method of inspiration is to become a superman.

When I read this I personally got excited because the reference to superman. I love Superman he has been a part of my life. People tease me about my name and ask if I’m wearing a big red S under my clothes?  I usually reply NO with a smile. The above sentence in 20-19 has me re-thinking how I will respond to that question in the future. We all new that Superman had super powers but that was only half of what he did. Thinking back to all the movies or comic books I can only can remember the good he did. He never spoke bad or negative about anything or anyone. He only had positive thoughts about himself and the world. He always seemed to know what the results would be. I guess what I’m saying is, I having the power in service and the inspiration I am to like my Idol Superman. I now have a big red S on my chest which stands for SPIRIT.


Clark B





120 thoughts on “Master Key Week 20

  1. Very interesting post. How fortunate to have a MM partner there in your home, easily available for discussion. Your thoughts as expressed in this post were great reinforcement for me of the learning experiences from Week 20.

  2. Love the Superman references as well… But that Steriotype is hard to live up to… I actually would rather be Bigheartedman or the payitforward kid…with a few Superman undertones… Peace be yours…

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