Master Key

Master Key Week 17A HJ

Clark Brownstein : February 1, 2014 4:08 pm : Masterkey

Another week of choices and change,

This week is about the Heroes Journey, when I started this program I was being called to take the HJ. 17 weeks later I find myself having to make another choice. Do I keep going and fully accept the journey and finish the journey or do I quit, and go back to the same safe life I was living before?2014-02-01 13.53.38

I decided to continue with the HJ. It was suggested that I write down all the old thinking, and old habits that no longer serve me. Then, take that stuff written down and burn it. Have a funeral for my old self, let that person pass and let the new come alive within you.

I did this ceremony last week, at the beach in Northern California. My wife and I drove to the beach, it was raining the whole way. When we arrived it stopped and the skies cleared. It was a beautiful cool day in Point Reyes. We were hoping to see some Grey Whales running but we did not. We made a small fire on the beach and we sat there reading my obituary. I proceeded with a eulogy, for the old me, It went something like this. The old me was a strong loving hard working person.I knew that he was always willing to help and give of his time and energy, an I  loved him for that. What I did not know about him was that he gave to much, he did not have balance in his life, he put other peoples needs in front of his own. He always needed approval from others and lacked self confidence, even though he knew he could do anything, his mind chatter always put doubts in his head.  When I was talking about him it made me sad to think of him in this way. I took the paper balled it up tightly and placed it in the fire, I had a sense of joy for him watching it burn. I know that I am growing into the person that you have always been, but just did not see it. Today, I see… I am excited for me to take on the next leg of the HJ. After the ceremony I was gathering our things, and I looked up, and on the wall there was this smiley face that was carved into the sandy bank. I took a picture of it, so I could be reminded of this day, whenever I might miss my old friend.

Smiley Face Marks The Spot.

Smiley Face Marks The Spot.

Clark B


Master Key week 17

Clark Brownstein : January 25, 2014 2:21 pm : Masterkey

Week 17 has not disappointed me in any way shape or form. I keep waiting for the challenges to get mundane, yet with every task, meditation an reading I discover more about me. When this discovery is made, I light up on the  inside and there is a sense of lightness and euphoria within myself. I now understand that there is a deep fundamental change going on within me. I truly trust and give myself permission for the change to take place.


I have spent the week organizing my life and business in a way that I have never done before. I’m throwing away things that don’t serve me and putting things in there right place so that, I can easily access them when I need to. Yeah, you might say like in the Geoco Commercial “Everyone Knows That” but this process is a change from the old way of doing things. It’s just different for me, it’s clearing my mind of clutter. I can focus with much greater clarity on the task at hand. In reading the GSW Scroll IV this week, a sentence really stood out for me. “I concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and my actions help me forget all else”  My word for this week was Discipline, for the Franklin Makeover this was something I felt I needed to work on the most.  Reading the sentence in the GSW really struck a cord with me. I realized that I can not have discipline unless I have concentration!!!! My conscious mind was always going in multiple directions, if you were to see my desk, you could see that it was all over the place with clutter. This is a case where my world without, was a direct reflection of my world within. OOHHH IS MY WIFE HAPPY)))

This has been an outstanding week for me. I look forward to the new week to come.

Clark B


Master Key Week 16

Clark Brownstein : January 17, 2014 9:24 pm : Masterkey

Week 16 with the Master Key Program has been full of joy and Kindness. We were given a  task to observe and do two acts of Kindness anonymously and report it on our community webs site. When I go in I can see that there are  thousands of RAK “Random Act’s of Kindness being done everyday. I can tell you that this task has really put me deeper into the flow of kindness. It’s awesome!!!!!

I have been doing this program now for sixteen weeks, when I started reading the lesson I really struggled with what I was reading. I had to read things over and over to get what was being said and it would take the whole week for me to get about 50% of what was being taught. Luckily the classes on Sunday would go over the current weeks lesson and give clarity to missing peaces.  I’m really thankful for the Sunday class.

Now I read and I pretty much understand the information with the first read. This is not because I’m reading better or that I understand how  the author writes. It’s because I have been given the gift of greater understanding about myself through all the lessons in this program.

I look forward to the new cycle of sevens in my life. I’m prepared for all the storms of life because I know that I am everything I need to be.

Clark B.


Master Key Week 15

Clark Brownstein : January 13, 2014 7:18 pm : Masterkey

This week has been another growing week. I learned that the laws with we live are designed solely for our advantage. I have the power to place my self in harmony with the these laws to achieve the desired effect I’m looking for in my life. If I want my life to be what it has been for the past 40 plus years then all I need to do is hold onto the stuff I have been thinking feeling acting upon on. I cannot obtain what I want if I tenaciously cling to what I have. I also now know that I need to be aware very aware of the words I choose the actions I take for the changes I want. I must be very clear to a laser focus on the action I want to take in my life. So I’m rewriting parts of my DMP to reflect the desired effect I want.

When I read this 16-26 I was blown away it really stuck a cord with me.

These are self-evident facts, but the all-important thruth that a thought containing principle is vital and therefore contains life and consequently takes root, and eventually but surely and certainly displaces the negative thoughts, which by there very nature can contain no vitality, is one which seems to have been overlooked.

I had to read that over and over to make it sink in and fully realize what was being said here. I even look up the word Principle to make sure I was understanding this correctly. This opens it all up for me.


Clark B



Master Key Week 13 & 14

Clark Brownstein : January 4, 2014 8:14 pm : Masterkey

Well 2013 holiday season has come and gone. It was a great holiday season on one hand and on the other hand one of the most challenging I can remember in some time. The time spent with family and friends was full of love and laughter. However the time spent in my head was a challenge. The challenge I was going through I would not change for the world. I grew allot as a person and found my stride again with what I’m doing with the Master Key Program.

Week 13 represented the half way point with this course, the changes that have taken place over the past few weeks have been amazing. I now complete task that I start, I observe and listen better, my attitude is 99% positive everyday, my spiritual connection is greater, and I see the world within with much more understanding then the world without.

Week 14 was kind of an odd week, there was no class  and we only had to read and watch a movie. It felt a bit like being back in school again. The teacher would always ask for you to do work over the holidays to keep your mind sharp so that when you came back to school it would be easier for you to start back up. I don’t know about anyone else but when I was in school I wanted nothing to do with school during the holidays. So the results were exactly what the teacher said. This time for me it is different I’m here in this course for me, I signed up and agreed to do the work. So I’m ready for week 15 to come and can’t wait for the changes that follow.

I mentioned a movie we had to watch during week 14. We had a choice of Cool Runnings, Rudy, Door to Door, and October Sky. I have seen them all except for Door to Door, I was not able to find Door to Door without ordering a copy of it on Amazon. When I saw the Movie Trailer I knew that I wanted to watch it so when it comes in the mail I will watch it then. So my wife and I settled on Cool Runnings she had not seen it. I told her that it is a funny movie along with being based on a true story.

My instructions while watching the move was to observe Persistence happening. I will write a list of times I observed persisting was going on. I would like to add though I did notice that there was not just one character that had to persist or over come obstacles to get what they wanted. Each character had there own personal challenges.

1) The main character wanted to get to olympics and had an accident during his qualifying run that was not his fault, so he did not make it into the summer Olympics like his father did prior Olympics. He pleaded with the government Olympic official to let him try out again. The official said no so he had to find a different way into the Olympics other then having to wait 4 years for the next Summer Olympics. In the meeting he saw a picture of his father standing with fellow Olympian Bobsledder.

2) He then had to convince his child hood friend to be apart of the 4 man Bobsled team. Oh did I mention these guys are from Jamaica.

3) Then he had to convince the gentlemen that was in the picture to teach them how to be Bobsledders. This gentlemen was a broken man. He had his Gold Medals taken away for cheating.  The want to be Olympian had to come back again and again for sometime to convince the broken man to join him on this journey. The coach asked him do you give up and he said “NO”!!!!!!!!!

4) The government would not fund them to be a Jamaican Bobsled Team, so they had to raise the money for themselves to go.

5) When they got to the try outs the coach had to plead with his former USA team mates to get an old practice sled to use.

6) They persisted through all the things that were trying to stop them from being a Jamaican Bobsled Team, at the end they were accepted by there peers as an equal to all other teams.

Great Movie.

Happy 2014.

Clark B







Master Key Week 12

Clark Brownstein : December 23, 2013 7:29 am : Masterkey

What a challenging week,

This week felt like a battle all week, I could not concentrate was not able to comprehend what I was reading could not keep the negative mind chatter out. By the end of the week I was looking for any reason to quite, being stubborn with my wife, being a right fighter, procrastinating you name I was all the negative traits that I have been working on removing from my life. I have been battling a health stuff my food choice this last week were horrible, over all a real challenging week for me. I WANTED TO QUIT!!!!

There was one guiding light that I kept saying over and over in my head.

“I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.” Form GSW Book.

If I had not had the habit of reading this month chappter 3 times a day, I would not have had that memorized. When I needed help the most I was able to use the tools I have been given to carry on. This was a tuff week but a new day and a new week is here today I can keep Persisting and forget about the days past.

Thank you to all my fellow MKMMA folks I read a few blogs this week and that also helped me to stay in the game.

I Persist I win

Clark B




Master Key Week 11

Clark Brownstein : December 14, 2013 9:03 am : Masterkey

Your life is governed by law- by actual , immutable principles that never vary.

It’s amazing how a person perspective about life can change in a few weeks. If I were to have read the above sentence a few weeks back I would have said Hog-Wash and put it away.

All the reading and self discovery over the past eleven weeks has delivered me to this place that I understand and believe the above statement. Now I will learn to live it and now what the results will be and expect them to be that way because I am.

Clark B


Master Key Week 10

Clark Brownstein : December 8, 2013 3:16 pm : Masterkey

Natures Abundance,

Reading this weeks Master Key has really made me aware of abundance in nature. I’m working on a project in the town I live and the project is located on top off a hill. I found myself often looking at the view and being in AHWW of the life and abundance that I was seeing.

Master Key

Job Site Veiw

I would look out and imagine my DMP and see my DMP in the picture of abundance. I was feeding my Seed that I planted 10 weeks ago by noticing the abundance in nature. I was in control of what I let in only seeing positive in life. Last week (week 9)  I wrought about watching seeds grow not knowing about what would be said in week 10 about a seed growing.

Every week I amazed, in the understanding that I have about myself and how that I’m in control of how it all works. I feel free to do what I want to do.

Clark B


Master Key Week 9

Clark Brownstein : December 1, 2013 9:04 pm : Masterkey

The Law of growth,

Have you ever planted a seed in the ground and just left it to grow? Did you not feed it or till the soil even talk to it asking it to grow? If you did nothing then you left it to chance. That helped me to understand the concept of planting an idea (seed) in my mind and then never doing anything to help that Idea to grow or take root.

This past year I have had a personal experience with growing a seed. I was on vacation with my wife in Maui october of 2012 and we purchased some native plants seeds. The instructions to have a successful growth were extensive. We had to make special soil and plant the seeds a certain way. We planted three different type of plants. The watering and care instructions were very specific and it was going to take six months before we would see any sprouting. So we do the work with planting and caring for them and nothing happens. Then on or around the six month Walla one sprouts and few days later another and then few months more another sprouts. We followed the instructions and it happened we now have beautiful Hawaiian plants growing in our bathroom. Every day I go into my bathroom and see these beautiful plants that I nurtured to life and now I’m caring for them to keep growing.

So you see I know and understand what the Law of Growth means. If I want an idea to grow then treat with care, love feed it only positive thoughts and it will grow accordingly. If I want it to do nothing or just not happen then do nothing and that the results will be the same. Nothing!!!!

This was Thanks Giving Week for me. I’m thankful for what I’m learning and partaking in this MKMMA Program.

Clark B.


Master Key Week 8

Clark Brownstein : November 23, 2013 7:32 pm : Masterkey

End Of Mind

I heard about the Idea of End of Mind from a Key Note Speaker motivating the crowd a few years ago. What the speaker had to say really set me on a path that change the way I viewed everything I did in my life. It really helped me to understand how to make decisions that were best for me. “So I Thought”

I felt that I really had a handle on the End Of Mind concept until this week. You see I understood the general concept but only on the surface. I never really thought about having to stop negative deep seeded ideals, bad habits that I keep creating in my outward world. This week I figured out why a scenario that keeps coming up in my work with clients is something I’m creating. This was mind blowing realization, it also made everything clear about what End Of Mind really is.

When I read Part 8/4 I realized that is was talking about of END OF MIND concept I have been using. Now I have more tools to use and a much deeper understanding.

Thank you to MKMMA Founders for bringing this to me.

Clark B

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